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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Since we receive a lot of emails with the same questions, this may help you out:

This book says FREE but it’s really $2.99? Why the bait and switch?

We can only guarantee that books are free at the time of posting. The authors and Amazon have the right to change the price at anytime or end their free promotion. We do our best to change the price ASAP but you should always double check before downloading!

All I see is the sign up form? Where are the free books?

Scroll down to view the free books!

How does this site work?

DigitalBookSpot works with authors to promote their books.  By running a free promotion, the author’s books will climb the rankings in Amazon’s sales algorithm.  This provides a short term boost to book sales when the promotion has ended.  This benefits the author and benefits you because you are now the proud of owner of a few free books.

What if the links are directing me to the wrong Amazon country. (i.e your in America but you are redirected to Amazon China or UK)

We have no idea why this happens.  Amazon switches links sometimes and this affects a small amount of customers.  If this happens you can enter the ASIN product code that we provide you.  Simply log onto Amazon from your normal account and type the code in your browser.  If this doesn’t work, feel free to email us and we will try to correct the problem!

I am an author and want to promote my book.

Well you came to the right spot.  This website is seen by over 5,000 unique readers each day and we are currently experiencing a growth rate of 20% + a month.  We also have a reader email list of close to 5,000 readers.  This list is active and growing.  If you want to promote your book please fill out the contact form and we will feature your book.  If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Are You Amazon?

No, we are not Amazon.  Any problems you experience with Amazon needs to be handled through their customer support.  Once you click on a link to a specific book you are on Amazon’s turf.  We are an affiliate member with Amazon as noted in the disclaimer below each page.

What if I accidently purchase a book that wasn’t free?

You should always make sure that the price of the book reads 0.00 before downloading. We try our best to remove books when they are no longer free but sometimes you guys wake up earlier or stay up later than us.  If you happen to buy a book you can easily get a refund on amazon by clicking the refund link.  If you do get a refund please do not leave any negative comments or reviews as this issue was not the fault of the author.

How come the book is not free in my country?

Different territories have different pricing.  We have no control over which  countries have access to free promotions.